Aberdeen Art and Music Community is the creative arts district for Aberdeen, Washington. It was granted municipal recognition by the City of Aberdeen on July 10, 2019, a necessary step towards state certification.

Volunteers are currently in the process of drafting responses to the state application for certification. Our target date for submitting the application to the State is June 7, 2020. Washington only recently began a program to provide certification for creative arts districts. Achieving state certification will give us designation on maps, provide highway signage declaring Aberdeen to be a creative arts district, and make it possible for the Community to apply for state grants.

This website was created and is currently maintained by Our Aberdeen, a local nonprofit whose mission is to create pride in our citizens and give people coming into Aberdeen a reason to stop and explore.

Aberdeen has a long history of inspiring the arts. Two examples among many: During the 1910’s, when working in an Aberdeen mill, Alexander Calder watched logs balanced and flying on overhead trolleys, which is reputed to have been the inspiration for his mobiles. At the end of the century, local boys made their band Nirvana a phenomenon.

One goal of Our Aberdeen was to build on and promote that creative tradition. Three examples: The Centennial murals were refurbished, and new murals were commissioned. Local artists’ works were displayed in local businesses. Grays Harbor Community Hospital, after seeing the display of art, asked Our Aberdeen to develop a Healing Gallery. Our Aberdeen and the City have undertaken the renovation of the unique Gumaelius critters because they had badly faded since they were commissioned in the 1990s. Our Aberdeen applied for grants which financed the restoration.

Our Aberdeen created five web sites and brochures for each activity. To date 28,000 have been used by Grays Harbor County Tourism and more brochures have circulated from 25 wooden racks placed throughout the county.

While not solely part of the district, the very successful five-day, county-wide Art Drives Artists’ Open Studio Tour (first two weekends in October) was created by Our Aberdeen.

Prior to the existence of the creative arts district, Our Aberdeen updated and combined its websites and created a free online Walking Tour of the art assets in our city, which is linked to this website and supports our city being recognized as a creative arts district.

The webmaster would like to thank the Our Aberdeen Board of Directors, and particularly the Dickersons, for allowing Our Aberdeen’s website to be used by the creative arts district movement.