The sculptures are currently being restored and there are plans in the works to move them. So if you want to see them in the wild, you need to get it while it’s hot. Offer ends soon.

Humptulips Hornbee

Sand Squatter

Chinhook Salmon

Pile Python

Bald Beagle

Barkbeetle Beggar

Grizzly Hare

Bull Snout


Hoquiam Honker

Spotted Howl

Mud Puffer

Wishkah Winker

Walking Tour Brochure

Aberdeen’s Whimsical Creatures known as Critters
Created by local artists
John & Robin Gumaelius
Stories by Larry Bledsoe

Sponsored by
Our Aberdeen
Embracing projects that show our pride in Aberdeen
City of Aberdeen Tourism
Community Development Department

Brochure, Captions, and Graphics
Mery Swanson
Director of Art Promotion Group of Our Aberdeen

Gary Douglas Lennon
Mery Swanson